Features – processes

Supplier Relationship Management
Management of purchase orders
Bid and quote management
Vendor product catalog
Demand planning

Warehousing Management
Inventory control
Location Management
Bar codification
ManufacturingWork Orders
Demand and capacity planning
Management of work in progress
Quality control
Carrier Management
Distribution and logisticsRouting and scheduling
Requests for rates
Forms and documents
Shipment tracking
Fleet maintenance
Project Management (Services)Field Services
Contract management
Project scheduling
Service planning
Service Delivery Management
Project Portfolio Management
Management of subcontractors
Managing potential customers
Sales & MarketingCustomer and Resource Management
Management of marketing campaigns
Order management
Customer service and support
Customer Portal
Proactive customer follow-up
Product Catalogs
Definition and characterization of products
Product ManagementNaming
Cost of products
Recipes and formulas
Product life cycle management
Maintenance and support of products
Electronic showcase
E-commerceProfiles and customer history
Online orders
Integration with external systems

Features – technical

  • Web and mobile system
  • Custom Views of Information
  • Add / Copy / Edit / Easy removal of information
  • Image and Document Management
  • Capturing images via mobile
  • Tracking system
  • Calendars
  • Management of access profiles and security
  • Look and feel and custom navigation
  • Integration with Office 365
  • Excel, Word, PDF report
  • Importing data
  • Exporting data
  • Custom reports
  • Information Dashboard
  • Real time chart
  • Login with Google or Facebook
  • Multi-language
  • Stock audit
  • Google Maps Location
  • QR Code Reader
  • Infinite possibilities of personalization
  • Integration with other software