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Source Code Generation

From Idea to System

The idea behind Source Code Generation is relatively simple: Speed-up the process of building IT systems. Time is the most valuable asset we have so we better make a good use of it. At MC2 Evolution, this is our main expertise: Optimize time. We do this in different ways:

  • Speed-up the design, development, test and deployment of IT systems allowing a better time-to-market;
  • Allow a quick reaction to evolving needs;
  • Enhance the user experience with the right functionality.

With quick turnaround from idea to systems you will be able to quickly integrate technology in your business processes and gain a lot of value in your traditional business model:

  • Optimize time of your employees;
  • Enhance quality of your work;
  • Improve customers experience;
  • Enhance customer and employee retention.

All those great advantages, with the help of our experts, will not blow up your budget. Source code generation is the quickest way to design systems for your needs.

Initial conception

This first phase is a key moment in the making of a great system. Your idea materializes in something that can be used by you and your team. Because Source Code generation is so efficient, you will see a working system very quickly and we will work with you to improve it in an iterative way. At MC2 Evolution, this is our favorite moment: When our customers realize the potential of the system that takes shape.

Reaction to Change

Reacting to change is so important in today’s modern and fast-changing world. With Source Code generation, you continue to obtain a fast time to market even after your initial system deployment. You can continue to improve your business processes and adapt/adjust your systems to gain even more efficiency. This is another important key moment when our customers understand the great flexibility of the systems have put together.

Better Functionality

With Source Code Generation, we are able to quickly create the functionality you need, integrate the proper business logic to customize to your need. The functionality is properly defined: search tools, lists, data entry pages, dashboards, third party tools/systems, etc… All of this without sacrificing performance, robustness, security and user interface experience on multiple platforms.

Because you have the right functionality designed specifically to your needs, your customers and employees are able to use your systems efficiently. This great user experience translates into a better customer AND employee satisfaction and retention.

Cost reduction

All systems whether they are ERP, CRM, Artificial Intelligence have similarities and differences. Source Code Generation is meant to handle both aspects. With a quick turnaround over the most common parts of software, we are able to reduce cost and focus on the parts that are less common. This great reality brings your IT costs to a minimum and makes sure you spend your money where it will bring the most value.

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