Generated Source Code

Our solutions based on source code generation techniques give you tons of possibilities.

An analysis of your processes will allow us to create a database and an application perfectly adapted to your needs.

We can offer you the right level of features at a fraction of the effort that would be required for custom development.

Your needs change over time?

We can modify the source code generation slightly to accomodate the evolving needs, again at a fraction of the efforts.

Generated source code provides a perfect alternative to buying a product or having a complete system designed in a custom fashion.


Let’s not reinvent the wheel. Some tools can be integrated to any solutions we put in place. The tools out there are great, let’s benefit from them. Those tools can be open source systems, widgets, api based systems, etc… 

Custom Development

Sometimes custom development is the best altenative. Either because no tools exist or because we need it to integrate source code generation with tools and infrastructure. 


Database, web server, application server, file server, etc… Whether you choose cloud based infrastructure or not, this choice is key to ensure security, performance, scalability, redundancy and accessibility. We will help you make the right choice. Ask for a consultation.